Established in 2021, Beijing HumaDX Tech Co., Ltd. has built a full-automatic multiplex platform with multiplex flow fluorescence technology as its core. It is dedicated to providing clinical customers with high-throughput, high-sensitivity, and multiparameter parallel platforms and corresponding reagents. HumaDX is a technology-driven enterprise that could provide multiplex microspheres, fully automatic multiplex immunoassay instrument and corresponding reagents.

Except for the multiplex platform, HumaDX also has the full-automatic chemiluminescence platform and the full-automatic immunoblotting platform. As a technology-driven company, more than 30 patents have been applied, and there are more than 170 products have been issued CE certificates.


Three technology platforms, providing comprehensive diagnostic solutions


Full-Automatic Multiplex Immunoassay Platform
Laboratory high-efficiency solutions

Full-Automatic Chemiluminescence Platform
Covering requirements from different departments with flexible combinations and intelligent output

Full-Automatic Immunoblotting Platform
Suitable for medium to high throughput laboratories
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