Providing automated, efficient, high-quality, low-cost diagnostic solutions for global medical customers.

HumaDX is a medical company with innovative technology. Relying on the accumulation in material science, in vitro diagnostic technology, and instrument manufacture for many years, the company devotes to providing clinical laboratories with the full-automatic, high-throughput multiplex platform and corresponding reagents based on multiplex technology focusing on the field of immunological diseases and rare diseases, and expands the emerging market in IVD industry.

After several years of accumulation, HumaDX has mastered multiplex microspheres by themselves. The layout of three technology platforms based on a pyramid structure has been completed, with the full-automatic multiplex platform and corresponding reagents as the tower tip of the pyramid, the full-automatic chemiluminescence platform and corresponding reagents as the waist of the tower, and the full-automatic immunoblotting platform and corresponding reagents as the tower base. The multiplex platform, as a tower tip product, is devoted to improving the detection throughput and reducing the cost in large laboratories; the chemiluminescence, as the tower waist, is used as a supplement to the multiplex platform to provide unique and clinically significant single indicator detection; the immunoblotting, as the tower base, is used as a competitive product, which mainly serves in medium laboratories to improves their detection capability. HumaDX has cooperated with many hospitals, physical examination centers, and independent clinical laboratories with a good reputation

Our beginnings

HumaDX was established from the pursuit of multiplex technology. Multiplexing is a highly efficient method that is ideal for multi-parameter assays, and the results are comparable to chemiluminescence and far superior to ELISA. When we first saw it abroad, a clear goal was set: multiplex technology must be developed by ourselves.

However, the development of this technology faced two major problems: one was that original enterprise had set up very high technical barriers around the multiplex microspheres, making entering the field extremely costly; and secondly, the technology must be matched with highly automated instruments in order to be used in the clinical field, which was still not possible even for original enterprise. To overcome the technical barriers and pursue disruptive innovation in IVD technology, we decided to set up our own company in 2021.

What drives us


We aim to achieve the mastery of core technology in the multiplex field and manufacture fully automatic instruments by ourselves.
In addition, we expect to build a value chain covering raw materials, instruments and reagents, and bring the fully automated and informalized multiplex platform and corresponding reagents into clinical applications.

Worth the effort

Over the past five years, HumaDX has successfully mastered the technology on the preparation of multiplex microspheres in collaboration with scientists in material science at the top university in China.

The HumaPlex, the full-automatic multiplex platform, has realized full-automatic operation and can be compatible with more than 20 detection combinations. The platform can simultaneously detect more than 40 kinds of parameters, covering many areas such as autoimmunity and cytokine.

Benefit from our service centers in over 30 provinces in China