HumaPlex Full-Automatic Multiplex Immunoassay Platform
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Multiplex technology is the new generation of high-throughput detection and analysis platform integrating flow analysis, laser analysis, and high-speed digital signal processing. With multiplex microspheres as solid phase carriers, the technology can accurately and quantitatively detect hundreds of parameters together in one reaction system. With the characteristics of high efficiency, high throughput, and high sensitivity, multiplex technology greatly improves laboratory detection efficiency and throughput, and is especially suitable for the biomarkers requiring multi-parameters combined detection, such as autoantibodies, allergens, cytokines, etc.

During the preparation of microspheres, by adjusting the ratio of different fluorescent dyes inside the microspheres, nearly hundreds of different fluorescently encoded microspheres can be formed. Each microsphere is coated with specific protein/nucleic acid, etc. to form a capture microsphere, so as to recognize different target analytes.

The capture microspheres are incubated and reacted with the analytes in samples and specific detection antibodies with PE-label to form immune complexes.

Subsequently, according to the principle of flow cytometry, individual microspheres are passed through the laser detector in turn. The microspheres are identified by the classified fluorescence channel to identify the indicators; the fluorescence intensity of each parameter is obtained through the PE fluorescence channel to achieve the quantitative analysis. Finally, multiple analytes are detected simultaneously in a single reaction system.