HumaCLIA Full-Automatic Chemiluminescence Platform
Covering requirements from different departments with flexible combinations and intelligent output
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Chemiluminescence immunoassay is an immunoassay technique combining highly sensitive chemiluminescence detection with highly specific immune reactions. The key advantages of chemiluminescent analytical methods reside in the wide dynamic range, high signal intensity, absence of interfering emissions, rapid acquisition of the analytical signal, high stability of reagents, low consumption of reagents, random access, and reduced incubation time, make it more rapid and accurate to report the laboratory results. The wide dynamic range, greater than ELISA methods, the high sensitivity and specificity of the results expressed in quantitative form, the high degree of automation and the clinical implications related to the reduction in the turnaround time, and the ability to run a large number of required tests, make this technology have enormous repercussions on the workflow and on the laboratory organization.