HumaDX completes series A1 financing round

2023-01-16 16:50

Nanjing HumaDx Tech Co., Ltd. announced the completion of a Series A1 worth tens of millions of RMB, which was exclusively invested by Yuanbio Venture Capital, a well-known investment institution in the field of in vitro diagnostics. This is the new round of financing that HumaDX has rapidly completed after receiving Pre-A round of investment from Ennovation Ventures in the past year since its establishment, and the company has received a cumulative financing amount of nearly 100 million CNY.

The funds in this round will be used for sales promotion of the full-automatic multiplex immunoassay platform and corresponding reagents, registration of new product pipeline, and further expansion of the company's team. Robust Cloud Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor in Series A1 and will be responsible for the subsequent Series A.

Founder of HumaDX

Mr. Dongqi Li:

"HumaDX will strive to become the head company of multiplex technology in China in the next 3 years. As more and more startups and capital enter this track, we believe that the industry ecology will be gradually improved and increasing application testing needs will be discovered.

In the past few years, the team of HumaDX has joined hands with scientists at home and abroad to break through the stable microsphere preparation technology, which can provide multiplex/ultra-multiplex magnetic coding microspheres stably; and to build a technically solid hardware R&D team and a high-quality reagent development team. The company has many highlights in product pipeline planning and can develop new indicators in line with clinical needs. In the future, the company will maintain high efficiency, focus on execution, and especially take advantage of resources in marketing and sales end to build a diligent and pragmatic, healthy and profitable quality enterprise.

We appreciate Yuanbio Venture Capital and other capitals for their support and trust in the company, as well as our old shareholder Ennovation Ventures for their firm bullishness."

Managing Partner of Yuanbio Venture Capital

Dr. Yi Lin:

"Multiplex technology has a broad market space, and we continue to focus on this track to discover and help outstanding companies grow rapidly. HumaDX has a balanced background capability and the materials R&D team masters stable multiplex microsphere preparation technology. The reagent development team has strong execution, the instrument R&D team is practical and efficient, and the marketing team has extensive experience and wide channels. At the same time, the company's product pipeline is well laid out with clear market entry points for each product, laying a solid foundation for rapid market capture. We are glad to be a shareholder of this company and are confident in the rapid development of HumaDX."