HumaDX Secures Over 100 Million Yuan Series A Financing, Accelerating Innovation in Multiplex Tech

2023-06-13 10:25

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HumaPlex 1200

Full-Automatic Multiplex Immunoassay Platform

HumaDX Tech Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "HumaDX") completed its A2 round of financing in the first quarter of this year, with this round jointly invested by Wenrun Investment and Sunland Fund. This follows a swift new round of financing after HumaDX completed the A1 round of financing, which was exclusively invested by Bio Venture, at the end of last year. The A round financing has accumulated over 100 million yuan in total.

This round of financing reflects the capital market's high attention to Multiplex technology, as well as its full confidence in the strength of the HumaDX team, technological accumulation, and product progress. The funds from this round will primarily be used for the commercial expansion of HumaDX's independently developed Full-Automatic Multiplex Immunoassay Platform, the advancement of product registration and clinical verification, and the enhancement of team talent density. Robust Cloud Capital continues to serve as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing.