HumaDX Donates Relief Supplies for Mentougou Flood Relief

2023-08-09 10:10

截屏2023-08-09 09.45.59.png

Heavy rains have battered Beijing since July 29, with Mentougou bearing the brunt. As a result of these sudden downpours, numerous areas experienced severe flooding, causing disruptions in mountain roads, power, and communication systems. This alarming flood situation deeply concerned many.


In light of the hardships faced by the Mentougou residents, HumaDX quickly took action. Led by General Manager, Mr.Dongqi Li, the company swiftly delivered essential disinfection supplies, daily necessities, and foods to the affected community. The supplies are committed to aiding flood relief efforts and helping Mentougou return to its regular rhythm of life.



In times when nature shows its harsh side, HumaDX consistently contributes to society through meaningful actions.